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Defining “Third Culture”

Bear with us for this one, because we’re about to get into the nitty-gritty of defining the term: Third Culture. Third Culture is an accumulation of multiple things:, but we have divided it into three categories: person, place or thing.


  • Nationality
  • Languages spoken
  • Citizenship (s)
  • Origin of parents
  • Birthplace


  • Where you currently live
  • Where you have lived
  • Where you have traveled to/visited
  • Historical sites
  • What you consider your home(s)


  • Souvenirs
  • Food
  • Festivals
  • Celebrations
  • Holidays
  • Attire
  • Passport(s)

We have poured over how to define this term, because of its complexity. “First Culture” is your own, “Second Culture” is one that is not yours (ex: if you are British, that is your “First Culture”, but if you are interested in Japan but have not lived there nor have any ties to the country, it is a “Second Culture” because it does not belong to your identity). “Third Culture” is the identity you form for yourself. It is your decision as to what makes you you, because “Third Culture” is the space between moving multiple times, living amongst people of all backgrounds, becoming a part of the country you reside in for however long or short period you are there for, of having roots everywhere and more than one home.

As a TCK, your culture can be singular or plural. For most of us, it is multifaceted. For me, it is the places I have lived, where my parents are from, and our family values that made me who I am today. I carry my past with me – that is, I exist equally as American as I am a global citizen. I am a product of all my experiences.

Here are some links to different definitions of “Third Culture” from various sources:

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Happy New Year, everyone! Our names are Liam Daly and Adri Lazarus and we have officially launched our blog : Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid

Our goal is to bring an international perspective to an all-inclusive platform where people from all walks of life can come together & experience culture through our eyes.

A Third Culture Kid is someone who has had the one in a million opportunity to live abroad from their own native country, in multiple locations. Some attend international schools, others are home-schooled or taught on military bases. Still others may attend local schools where they are residing (one famous example is President Obama, who spent four years in Indonesia as a child) . Often, you will find that TCK’s immerse themselves in the culture(s) they are lucky enough to experience.

Liam has lived in Russia, Malawi, India, Bhutan, Thailand & the United States. Adri has lived in Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Indonesia & the United States. Our parents worked for the United Nations and we met at the ages of 3 & 5. After 17 years of friendship, we are ready to share our global lifestyle with the world. Our values are diversity, inclusivity, compassion and tolerance.

Our official Instagram account is @expatkid. Or visit our Facebook Page.

Our email address is thoughtsofathirdculturekid@gmail.com.

We hope that you will share your stories with us as we build a network for humans to connect with one another.